Marvel Season of Super Heroes 2019 review

Marvel Season of Super Heroes 2020 has been cancelled

Marvel Season of Super Heroes is back at Disneyland Paris! From 23rd March – 16th June Walt Disney Studios Park once again becomes the headquarters to the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and other heroes and villains from the comic book giant.

After a successful launch last year, many hoped that the foundations established could be built upon for the returning year’s sequel. A chance to become something greater.


Marvel Season of Super Heroes Captain Marvel

Easily my biggest criticism from last year’s Marvel Summer was the lack of heroic encounters for guests to meet during a standard day in Walt Disney Studios Park. Before, only Captain America was available for guests to meet with other Avengers Spider-Man, Thor and Black Widow hidden behind the Signature Package and Dinner.

Things have taken a massive turnaround this year however with three characters already meeting guests daily right out the gate. Web-swinging fans will rejoice to see their Friendly Neighbourhood ally once again, now in a fun new photo location right opposite Rock n Roller Coaster. Ever reliable Steve Rogers refuses to let any guest down as he returns for encounters in his same locale from 2018.

The headline meet however is the MCU newbie. Making her Disneyland Paris debut Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) will be found throughout Marvel Season of Super Heroes over by Blockbuster Cafe in the room once occupied by Spidey. Though very popular during my first encounter meet the latest Avenger was a ton of fun especially as her movie is still playing in cinemas to worldwide success. Keep an eye out in the queue line too and you may just spot a certain feline companion!

Marvel Super Heroes United

Marvel Season of Super Heroes United

The flagship show of last year, Marvel Super Heroes United suited up with very big expectations. Not only replacing a beloved fan favourite CinéMagique it was also the first Marvel stage show to be produced for a Disney Park, putting the eyes of the world firmly on its limelight.

Although I praised the show for its original story and impressive visual and practical stunts, reliability issues made seeing the performance in perfect working order a rarity. For its second mission in Marvel Season of Super Heroes priorities were made to fix the problems of before and, so far, it looks to be a successful one.

Those who remember last year’s very will likely not see to many differences with this version of the show. This is still the same story of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes facing Thanos and his minions in a battle of unity and their own inner stories. Minor changes have been made to improve pacing as well as flow to make the show a more fun and easier to engage experience.

For example, fight scenes where individual Avengers battle their foes individually have been segregated giving each member their own piece of the limelight, literally. This is a massive improvement from last year which pitched all the action at once, forcing audiences to pick a character and miss everything else or frantically dart around to catch everything while seeing nothing. No, this year every hero has their chance to shine giving them ample time to put their unique abilities to use.

Other changes include fixes to the drone technology used (such as a new approach at the grand finale) along with minor tweaks to different stunts and choreography to present a much smoother, action-packed and fun show from start to finish. Be sure to keep an eye out too for an epic new set piece featuring Thor – but I won’t spoil what happens!

Stark Expo: Make Way for a Better Tomorrow!

Marvel Season of Super Heroes Star Expo
© Disney

Over on the Production Courtyard stage is where the European Stark Expo has returned once more in a completely reworked showed, Make Way for a Better Tomorrow! Featuring all the main characters from last year we see the mischievous Loki once again attempt to steal Iron Man’s ingenious power source, the arc reactor, only this time he is aided by none other than HYDRA leader the Red Skull.

From the moment the Stark Expo presentation begins and you are greeted with a new Iron Man inspired dance routine, those who remember last year’s Energy for Tomorrow will see how different this show is. Everything has been changed from the story and stunt work to special effects, pacing even little additions such as added sound effects to help emphasis a theme.

Guest interaction and viewing perspective is something that has been greatly improved on, too. The smaller, single screen stages that previously have been used during Legends of the Force have been drafted in not only to help give guests a more zoomed in look of the action going on but also to check in on unsuspecting guests in the crowd. A common trope for many live event type shows throughout the world.

The true star of the show however is the addition of that new cosmic hero, Captain Marvel. I won’t spoil her involvement or awesome scenes but from the moment her presence is known this already great show ascends even further. I can’t think of another show DLP has done in which a character has had a more iconic, crowd cheering entrance.

Stark Expo: Make Way for a Better Tomorrow! is utterly fantastic. By completely reworking from the ground up, Disneyland Paris has returned what was a divisive, short stage show of before into the standout of Marvel Season of Super Heroes.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance-off!

Marvel Season of Super Heroes Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Dance off

Just like that of Super Heroes United, Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance-off is another returning feature from 2018 but, in line with everything else at Marvel Season of Super Heroes, it too has received enough improvements and enhancements to rank above its Vol.1.

In a virtually unchanged story we once again meet Star-Lord and Gamora as they recruit members of the audience to defeat the Collective in a plan so bizarre but fun only the Guardians of the Galaxy could have come up with. This year however Rocket has prepared a special delivery in the form of the tree of many words, Groot. An inclusion I must say only makes the show that extra bit funnier as he interacts both with his friends and new acquaintances.

Other additions to the show are minor but ones seasoned fans of the galactic team will fondly welcome. New songs have been added to Quill’s stereo including some more hits from both Guardians of the Galaxy movie soundtracks. New dialogue has also been written referencing the team’s big screen antics to give those who know them inside out a good chuckle.

Food & Merchandise

Marvel Season of Super Heroes drinks

As with every event, Marvel Season of Super Heroes has its array of themed merch and foods for that little extra treat or momentum to take home from the comic book heroes action.

Favourites from last year such as the Infinity Gauntlet sipper, Black Panther ice cream and Groot cookie all return but new additions have also been added. Sweet and savory snacks like the Awesome Mix Tape Cake and Super Hero Falafels are new, while for something bigger the Ultimate Burger is available in Studio 1’s En Coulisse.

Meanwhile most bars in Disneyland Paris is where you will find a duo of Marvel inspired drinks: the Cosmic Cocktail and Green Smash. An obvious tribute to Avengers Captain Marvel and the Incredible Hulk.

For merchandise on offer inspiration has certainly been taken by Marvel Studios and the success of their latest hit Captain Marvel as the titular superhero has her own line for during the season. Jackets, t-shirts, bags and accessories attributed to Carol Danvers are on offer throughout Walt Disney Studios Park and select areas of Disneyland Park such as Main Street Motors. This is an excellent little range of products that brings something a bit more original and creative to the typical Marvel superhero line commonly seen during these seasons.

Just like Captain Marvel, Marvel Season of Super Heroes has gone higher, further and faster than any of my expectations. It’s very rare to see a season that not only stands head and shoulders above what came before it but do so by improving literally every aspect of the previous year’s entry. The Marvel season at Disneyland Paris is a true, fully fledged season and something for the resort to be proud of.

Just as how Iron Man took Marvel Studios on their first steps eleven years ago in Hollywood, Marvel Season of Super Heroes is standing on its own two feet, helping path the way for more greatness to come.

Do you agree with my review of this year’s Marvel Season of Super Heroes? Are you planning on visiting Disneyland Paris during the event? I’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to share them over on Twitter!