La Cantina at Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe review

La Cantina at Hotel Santa Fe

Situated the furtherest away from the six, Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe has always been known as the more affordable on-site hotel. Its detached structure and Pueblo themed room buildings provides a very different overnight experience compared to the likes of Sequoia Lodge or Newport Bay Club. Even its similarly structured neighbour Cheyenne has a more premium feel since its refurbishment several years ago.

With so much stacked against it compared to what other on-site hotels have to offer, there’s very little reason to visit Santa Fe unless you’ve booked a room there. Or at least that’s what I thought before I discovered a gem hidden within the hotel’s New Mexician sands. La Cantina.

The sole restaurant in Hotel Santa Fe, you will find La Cantina at the end of the wanderous corridor next to reception. Though very simply in design, the restaurant has charm in its simplistic and understated theme. If, like myself, you visited the hotel in your junior years you will probably get that nostalgic glow from the old pick up truck still parked at the back of the buffet.

La Cantina and its selection of pasta and chicken

As the hotel and restaurant’s theme would suggest, La Cantina is best known for its TexMex cuisine. A selection of meats and poultry are on offer bathed in the fitting sauces and complimenting vegetables. Those who are fans of these types of cooking are going to feel right at home.

If the idea of spices and barbecue isn’t your thing, fear not. La Cantina may live within a Southern US border theme but the restaurant caters for all food preferences. During my visit to the eatery I enjoyed a very nice dish of spaghetti bolognese, as well as catering a Sunday tradition with salmon and veg.

La Cantina’s salmon offering

For something a bit more contemporary, there is still a lot to enjoy at La Cantina. Steak, pizza, meatballs and classic chips are all within reach if your coloured plate if you aren’t feeling like anything else. A kids menu is also available with its own little section.

Having enjoyed a savoury feast you may be inclined for a sweet dessert. This may very well be La Cantina’s strongest point if you still have room to indulge. A wide variety of cakes, mousses and tarts are freshly waiting for you in the chilled area of the buffet. A very sweet toothed fellow, I opted for a delicious chocolate cake and matching mousse, along with some very tasty grapes to top it off.

La Cantina dessert selection

La Cantina is certainly a great spot to refuel after a busy day in the Disneyland Paris parks. Indeed, it is also somewhere that won’t hurt your wallet as much as other buffets in the resort may. Full access to the all you can eat offerings and a soft drink of your choice is just €30.99 for adults. Kids will benefit from a reduced price of €16.99 each with their drink a choice between water, apple/orange juice or milk.

During my visit to La Cantina I enjoyed several different dishes, a dessert and two soft drinks (one of which I paid the separate price for). When taking my Infinity Annual Pass discount into account this cost me less than €30. That is a bargain for DLP buffets if you ask me.

Treking off to Hotel Santa Fe is likely never the top of every guest’s list when thinking of non-park activities in Disneyland Paris. While its true the hotel won’t be the all-time greatest that on-site has to offer, La Cantina is an overlooked great spot for food. With a wide variety of dishes, all the benefits of a buffet and the excellent price, it’s one everybody should consider if you want somewhere new that won’t outstretch the budget.