In-app tickets added to official Disneyland Paris app

Park tickets can now be purchased and used via the official Disneyland Paris app with the release of the latest update.

The forth update to come since the entire rebuild of the app last year, version 5.3 centers on standard park tickets and their full integration into the app along with a number of cosmetic updates and bug fixes.

Users can now purchase four different park ticket types from inside the app, namely the adult and child versions of the single park and park hopper 1 day tickets. In previous versions attempts to buy tickets would re-direct customers to the official website.

Select tickets can now be purchased via the official Disneyland Paris app, with version 5.3
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These tickets can then be used to grant entry to the parks right from within the app itself by scanning the uniquely generated QR code, eliminating the need for tickets to be printed at home or transferred at the park gates.

Although in-app tickets are currently only available for the newly added purchasable tickets, plans are already in place for a wider variety to be compatible with future updates. “The 1 Day Parks tickets are the first Parks tickets to be launched in the application. But our teams are already working on launching other types of tickets in the coming months!” said Guillaume Bendiyan, Mobile Application product manager for the official Disneyland Paris app.

Select apps can now be scannable via QR codes on the official Disneyland Paris app, via version 5.3
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Other changes found within the app include minor bug fixes to improve app stability and user experience as well as several changes to the resort wide map. Updates have been made to remove the now closed Rock n Roller Coaster and Studio Tram Tour, while Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel has received a minor facelift, in line with its real world counterpart.

No date has been given for when the next update is planned for the official Disneyland Paris app, but with work continuing it can be speculated to launch in several months time.

The Disneyland Paris app can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play Store.