Fast Pass to be replaced with paid service Disney Premier Access

Disney Premier Access, a new paid service to replace Fast Pass, will launch this Summer

Fast Pass is to be discontinued at Disneyland Paris and replaced with Disney Premier Access, a digital premium service starting at €8.00 per person, per attraction.

This new service will launch later this Summer and be available via the official Disneyland Paris app. From there, guests will be able to book an assigned time to visit a beloved attraction with the benefit of a shorter queue time, much like the existing and free Fast Pass service that has existed for decades in the resort.

The main catch to Disney Premier Access however being as this perk of Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park is no longer a free one for guests. Guests will have to pay for the privilege to use the old Fast Pass queue line and benefit, with prices starting at €8.00 per person and per attraction. It is also worth noting that this is simply the starting price of the service, meaning during peak times attractions could cost considerably more each.

As we continue to assess many aspects of our business and make changes where they are needed for both the current environment and the future of our resort, the addition of Standby Pass and Disney Premier Access will provide alternative services for our guests and the previous FASTPASS service at Disneyland Paris will not be returning. We are always working to enhance our offerings and the way that our guests experience them based on valuable feedback for ongoing improvements across the resort.

Official Disney Premier Access press release

The announcement of Premier Access (not to be confused with Premier Access, the Disney+ service to see cinema release films in the comfort of your own home) comes as Disneyland Paris makes a further push into the 21st century and bring more functionality to their official app. Rest assured, guests without smartphone access will still be able to pay for this new, formerly complimentary service via select locations throughout the resort.

Also announced for the official DLP app is online check-in for on-site Disney hotels, an online reservation system for Disney restaurants and the return of the Standby Pass and reservation system of last year.

A look at the new features come to the official Disneyland Paris app, including Disney Premier Access
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We are always looking for ways to improve the guest experience. The return of Standby Pass, the introduction of Disney Premier Access and each new digital enhancement across our parks and hotels is part of our commitment to provide innovative products and services that take into consideration ongoing feedback andnot only meet but exceed the expectations of our guests” said Juliette Bron, Vice President of Digital & Data at Disneyland Paris.

“Guests expect seamless experiences more and more, and with technology’s evolution, we have an   opportunity – and a responsibility – to match their expectations.”

Disney Premier Access will launch later this Summer via the official Disneyland Paris app. As Fast Pass is currently not operating due to the capacity re-opening restrictions, the service has officially now been discontinued in the resort.