Everything you need to know about Disneyland Paris reopening

The magic is back! Disneyland Paris will be welcoming guests once more after several months of closure. During these new and unprecedented times a return to the magic and “Disney bubble” is something sure to excite many fans and their families all the world over. Soon guests will be able to ride Big Thunder Mountain again, skip down Main Street U.S.A. and soak up that special atmosphere only Disneyland can create.

As the world begins to reopen again and we approach a ‘new normal’ in all walks of life, so too the Disneyland Paris reopening structure as many changes, additions and temporary closes will be put in place.

Health and safety is the number 1 priority of Disneyland Paris and to ensure the well-being of all who come to this happy place; be that guests or Cast Members alike.

In this special piece, I have detailed everything you need to know about the Disneyland Paris reopening process. From important dates to mark in your calendar to special health measures and what you need to know before going on your next DLP holiday, this will be your one stop shop. Of course, as more information is provide I will update where and when necessary, so be sure to check back regularly to ensure you have the safest and happiest time back at the magic!

Important Dates

Find out everything you need to know about the Disneyland Paris reopening and what to expect

Disneyland Paris will officially reopen to guests on Wednesday 15th July 2020. To ensure social distancing practices can be safely implemented the resort will reopen to a limited capacity with certain areas of the resort opening at different times to others.

Disney Parks

  • Disneyland Park will reopen on 15th July 2020.
  • Walt Disney Studios Park will reopen on 15th July 2020.

Disney Village

  • Disney Village will reopen entirely on 15th July 2020.
  • Gaumont Cinema will reopen on 22nd June 2020.

Disney Hotels

Disney Hotels will reopen on a stagnated basis rather than all at once. The openings for each onsite hotel is as follows:

  • Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel will reopen on 15th July 2020.
  • Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne will reopen on 20th July 2020.
  • Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe will reopen on 3rd August 2020.
  • Disneyland Hotel will reopen on 7th September 2020.
  • Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch will reopen later in 2020.
  • Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Hotel will reopen later in 2020.
  • Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will reopen later in 2020.

Beyond the Resort

  • Les Villages Nature Paris will reopen on 22nd June 2020.
  • Val d’Europe reopened non-essential stores on 30th May 2020. Essential store remained open throughout the closure.
  • Aquarium Sea Life at Val d’Europe will reopen on 22nd June 2020.
  • Golf Disneyland reopened on 30th May 2020 and is welcoming guests providing reservation made via telephone.

Know before you go

Find out all there is to know about the Disneyland Paris reopening

Any trip to Disneyland Paris always required a little bit of preparation and planning before travelling out by train, plane or automobile. Before setting out on your return holiday there are some very important factors which will now need to be considered and acted upon.

Make your reservation

Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park will only open to a limited capacity when the Disneyland Paris reopening process begins. To achieve this a digital reservation system has been set up for guests to register for to guarantee access before leaving home.

To make your reservation for the day(s) you intend to visit the parks, you must first log in to the follow portal or sign in to the official Disneyland Paris app. There you will mark the days you are looking to reserve, go through the process in full and – if space is available – you will receive a reservation confirmation.

An online reservation will be needed for Annual Passholders or guests who purchase or already hold a non-dated ticket. Guests with dated ticketed, including those who booked via a Disneyland Paris package, do NOT need a reservation. All you’ll need is your ticket and you’re ready to go!

The online registration will be available in early July.

Valid entry is also required

Along with the digital reservation mentioned above, guests will also require a standard means of entry to the Disneyland Paris parks before they entry. This of course means either a Standard or Hopper park ticket (something which will be included if booking a package with a Disney hotel) or an Annual Pass. It should be noted that when the resort reopens ticket sales from the gate will not be available. Guests must already have their valid means of entry beforehand.

Important information you must know before going
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Face masks must be worn

Just as many establishments are following suit with the idea, at any time while on Disneyland Paris property face masks must be worn at all times. This rule is mandatory for all guests over the age of 11 to help decrease any spread of infection, especially in scenarios were social distancing may not be possible. The exception of this rule is of course when eating or drinking at a resort restaurant.

Top tip – bring your own pen!

We live in a very digital and contactless world in 2020, but unfortunately some Disneyland Paris systems aren’t yet fully up to date with the latest technology. When checking in to your hotel at the start of your time at the resort it would be extremely useful to have your own pen at hand to fill in all the necessary guest details and contact information. Not only does this ensure no cross contamination can occur between you and your concierge Cast Member, but it may also speed up the process if a second pen isn’t nearby.

Arriving at Disneyland Paris

Find out everything you need to know about the Disneyland Paris reopening

Being Europe’s No.1 tourist destination, there are many ways you can arrive to Disneyland Paris to begin your holiday in the magic. When the resort reopens all the familiar ways you’re used to getting there will still be available to you, though there may be some changes that you should be aware of before you’re ready to hit the parks.

Via car

If you are planning to park your vehicle in one of the Disneyland Paris car parks, social distancing practices will of course apply. Listen carefully to the instructions provided to you by a Cast Member when arriving at your chosen car park and  ensure you leave a empty space either side of your vehicle from the next. Also, try to use a contactless payment method such as Apple Pay or a contactless credit/debit card when paying for your parking.

Via train

Whether travelling directly via Eurostar, arriving from Paris or one of the other many routes to the Chessy train station, important travel measures will still be in place when returning to Disneyland Paris. Before your journey it is important to check with your train operator on their police of social distance seating and the wearing of face masks in carriages. Additionally, guests must also keep their distance when disembarking and exiting the station.

Via Magical Shuttle

The Magical Shuttle coach is a relaxed and alternative method to arriving at Disneyland Paris from Airport Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airport. If you are planning on using the express service to your Disney hotel be sure to visit the official website beforehand and check the timetable for when coaches are running. As the resort will be running at a limited capacity it is possible Magical Shuttle journeys may also operate fewer trips than a standard day. Additionally, social distance seating will also be implemented on all coach journeys.

Disney Hotels

Information on stay safe in the Disney hotels
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Security tents

Found at all entrances to Disneyland Paris including betweeen hotels and the Disney Village, regular visitors will be more than familiar of the green security tents. The bag check and mental detector will see the addition of a temperature check for all guests each time they pass through one of these tents. Social distancing procedures will also be in place which will include a lengthened queue to ensure everyone is appropriate spaced apart.

Beginning once the Disneyland Paris reopening process starts, work will go underway to revamp the security tents found beside the Chessy train station. The two month renovation will see current two security zones replaced with one extra long zone spanning three security tents. When complete, this will help compensate for social distance queuing through capacity; transforming the existing 12 possible queues into 18.

Keeping you safe and healthy

Find out everything you need to know about the Disneyland Paris reopening

In these new and unprecedented times health & safety has never been more in the public eye. While Disneyland Paris has always put the safety and well-being of its guests and Cast Members at the forefront on everything, special measures will come into play when the resort reopens to help combat and decrease the likelihood of infection and spread.

Limited capacity in all areas

Throughout the entirety of the resort, from the two theme parks and hotels to restaurants, stores and even attractions, Disneyland Paris will be operating under a limited capacity mode when it welcomes guests again. One of the many ways this will affect the park experience is that only a specific number of guests may be allowed in a single area at any given time. Should a location reach this capacity threshold, those looking to join will have to wait for guests to exit being granting access.

Additionally, limited capacity is also necessary for Cast Members as well as guests. Unfortunately this does mean many attractions, restaurants, stores and others may not run as efficiently as they can; with some opting to remain closed. While this is no doubt frustrating, it is important to remember that it is for the safety of all and should your favourite not return yet, it will be back before you know it!

Following social distancing rules

You are likely already aware of social distancing and the benefits and limitations this scientifically approved method of reducing infection brings, but it is always good practice to reintroduce yourself to the concept when visiting Disneyland Paris during this reopening phase of its life.

As according to French regulation, guests and Cast Members must stay a minimum of 1 metre apart from others not in their party as much as practically possible. Not only does this mean whilst walking down Main Street or Front Lot but also when shopping in stores, queuing for attractions or ordering food at a restaurant.

To help you better visualise this metre boundary, markers will be placed all throughout the resort, particularly in queue lines, identify where guests not to stand in order to maintain the appropriate distance.

Health & Safety measures ahead of the Disneyland Paris reopening
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Wearing face masks

Sometimes it can be very difficult (if not impossible) to truly maintain a 1 metre social distance from every single person no matter how hard you try. At any time while on Disneyland Paris property, face masks must be worn by Cast Members and guests over the age of 11. The only exception to this rule of course will be to consume food or drink at one of the DLP restaurants.

Face masks are proven to help reduce the spread of infection to others around you, so if everybody wears one we all benefit. Make sure you have a steady supply of masks with you for however long you plan to stay at the resort.

Hand sanitizer

One of the best ways we can all help prevent the spread of infection is by regularly washing our hands. While it isn’t practical for us to visit a restroom or sink after touching each and every surface in Disneyland Paris, what we can do is take advantage of the hand sanitation stations will while be set up. When the resort opens, guests and Cast Members will find over 2,000 hand sanitizer locations to use and help decrease the chances of cross contamination through touching surfaces.

Attractions, shows & characters

Of course, the main reason we love Disneyland Paris and visit when we can are for the immersive attractions, spectacular shows and special character interactions. As the resort begins the low journey back to normality there will be a number of changes to what you can see, do and meet during your DLP holiday.


When Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park begins to welcome guests again, so too with the majority of attraction within each. In most cases however you will find some of your favourite experiences running to a limited capacity both in guest attendance and Cast Member operation.

During the reopening process, Fast Pass and Single Rider queuelines will not be available on any attractions in either parks.

Other changes you will spot when visiting attractions will be the implementation of social distancing from queue line to the ride vehicles themselves. This will be done through floor markings signally to guests where to (and not to) stand to ensure appropriate spacing is achieved and stagnated seating between parties.

Shows and Parades

To ensure the health and well-being of both guests and the many performers and Cast Members who make the magic of the shows and parades come to life every day, Disneyland Paris will unfortunately reopen without any operating. This includes the daily running of Disney Stars on Parade and the nighttime spectacular Disney Illuminations.

Some smaller shows will return however during this time. The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands will return to Frontierland Theater for performances, though it should be noted that these will be to a limited capacity with social distanced seating. Additionally, The Jungle Book Jive will also return during the summer months, albeit in a new location.

How to safely enjoy Disneyland Paris
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A new way to meet & greet Disney characters

With social distancing being such a vitally important aspect as we all work hard to decrease the spread of infection, we have all had to make many sacrifices both in our daily lives and beyond. One of these will of course be meeting Disney characters as the standard process cannot be done during this tight but massively important restrictions.

Guests will still get the opportunity to encounter and get a photograph with their favourite princesses, superheroes and mice however, just in a way different than they may be used to. Throughout the Disneyland Paris reopening process guests will have opportunities to see Disney characters from a distance all throughout the resort. In many cases this will be done through a raised platform to provide everyone an opportunity to pose for a quick snap or selfie with their favourite in the background.

Dining and Shopping

Find out all you need to know about the Disneyland Paris reopening

All throughout the resort, Disneyland Paris is filled with fun and unique locations to dine, grab a snack or pick up some of that all important Disney merchandise. With the parks, Disney Village and Disney hotels welcoming guests again several changes have had to be made to restaurants and stores to maintain a safe environment for guests and Cast Members alike.

Limited capacity in restaurants and shops

Much like that of attractions, transport and the resort itself, restaurants and stores in Disneyland Paris will be operating a limited capacity compared to how they normally would or can. This may mean a number of factors but for guests, you can expect some locations to not allow immediate entry if busy or fewer tills being open.

For restaurants specifically, it is strongly recommended that, where possible, guests reserve their place beforehand when looking to dine in any location where reservations are available.

No self-service buffets

As can naturally be understood, self-service buffets such as Agrabah Café, Restaurant des Stars and Plaza Gardens will abandon their usual service way as we look to limit the number of things we touch to decrease the potential of cross contamination. This also includes breakfast at the Disney hotels, which instead will adopt a new method similar to table service.

Some restaurant changes

To ensure everybody visiting will be able to find somewhere to eat some buffet restaurants will temporarily change into another format, such as table service. Other locations (like Casey’s Corner at Main Street U.S.A.) will operate a takeaway only service.

Social distancing while you eat

You can’t wear a face mask while eating, obviously, meaning that practicing social distancing is more important than ever while visiting a restaurant in Disneyland Paris. Queue lines into and when ordering at restaurants will be spaced out much like that in attractions and shops with markers helping to indicate the appropriate length to keep from the nearest person.

To ensure all those eating are within a safe boundary from those not in your party, tables will be spaced apart with an empty, out of use table in between. These will be clearly marked so be sure to check before finding a table in your favourite quick or table service restaurant.

Avoid touching items you don’t want to buy

When shopping for that latest Disney pin or that must-have collectible you’ve been eyeing since forever, it can be tempting to pick it up before deciding if you truly want it or not. As we all try to keep cross contamination as low as possible it is strongly advised not to touch anything within the DLP stores until you do intend to buy it. Should you want to have a closer look at a specific item, ask a Cast Member beforehand and they’ll be happy to help.

Pay contactless when possible

Just as we try to limit the things we touch and infections that could spread when we travel through stores and browse, the same can be done when paying for our new items. If possible, try to pay through contactless methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or via the contactless feature found on many modern credit and debit cards.

Official sources

Find out all you need to know about the Disneyland Paris reopening

Everything detailed in this piece has been sourced and checked via official Disneyland Paris channels and communications. However, details can sometimes be modified, get added to or removed without warning should it be deemed necessary. While I strive to keep this guide as up to date and factual as humanly possible it should be noted the slim chance that information may become outdated or altered.

You can find official documentation, statements and addresses regarding the Disneyland Paris reopening at the following locations:

Reopening Disneyland Paris Official Webpage

Disneyland Paris Official Twitter

Disneyland Paris Official Facebook

Have fun!

Disneyland Paris will always be a place to escape from the stresses and anxieties of modern life and have fun. The world may be a confusing and little bit scary place right now but if we all follow these new rules and advice we can all have a magical and fantastic time back in the resort we all hold so dear.

If you have any questions or want to get in touch with me about anything in my guide, I’d love to hear from your either via email on over on Twitter!