“Where Magic Gets Real” new 2020 TV spot released

Disneyland Paris have released a brand new advert ‘Where Magic Gets Real’ in one of their most creative and unique TV spots to date.

The 30 second ad depicts a young girl travelling through a wide adventure of different iconic Disneyland Paris features, all represented in an unique and interesting way. To a rendition of the Disney classic tune ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’, our protagonist journeys through the stretch room of Phantom Manor, swings over a city like Spider-Man and wizzes around the a Wild West as Big Thunder Mountain. Accumulating in an artistic and “mind blowing” finale with Disney Illuminations as the final ident and tagline is revealed.

The girl makes a visit to Phantom Manor in the new ‘Where Magic Gets Real’ tv spot
© Disney

Part of the ‘Where Magic Gets Real’ tagline, the advert is all about the diverse variety of attractions, shows, theming, characters and experiences found all throughout the resort. Those familiar with DLP will no doubt have fun seeing elements of their favourite attraction, show or franchise on the silver screen while new adopters can get an exciting idea of the sensations and emotions found in the magic.

Picture a world where the greatest stories ever told are brought to life in the most imaginative ways. A world made of happy times, surprising times, heroic, thrilling and fairy tale times. A world where Disney Characters, Pixar friends, MARVEL Super Heroes and Star Wars™ legends make memories that stay with you forever and ever. A world like this takes you further than you could ever imagine. A magical world like no other. A world called Disneyland Paris.

‘Where Magic Gets Real’ official description

Although shorter in length this advert appears to be the successor to the massively successful ‘The Little Duck’ TV spot which debuted on Christmas Day 2018 and throughout last year. The new ad will likely also replace the Lion King & Jungle Festival advert which has been in recent syndication through Europe.

Since its revelation via the official Disneyland Paris YouTube channel the spot has seen unanimous praise from the fan community. Many are praising the advert for the original and different approach it takes to market the resort, moving away from the typical style of a family with very young kids, or with a heavy reliance on special offers.

The girl swings past Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel like Spider-Man in the new tv spot ‘Where Magic Gets Real’
© Disney

The advert has already began to air in a number of mainland Europe territories, with its French debut scheduled for today (at the time of publishing). The UK, Denmark, Germany and Italy can then expect the advertisement to appear on their screens by 2nd March.

What do you think of the new ‘Where Magic Gets Real’ TV spot? Are you a fan of the unique and different spin on how the resort is typically advertised? I’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to let me know over on Twitter!

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