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Evolution and growth is a common part of life. As Disneyland Paris fans, we have all seen how the resort has grown, changed and adapted throughout the years to come from the single park ‘Euro Disneyland’ into the duel park, number 1 destination of Europe. Indeed, changes and additions still come in thick and fast to the resort each and every year, the promise that it will bring new experiences and ones unlike what came before. Now it is time for me as a Disneyland Paris fansite to undergo a similar refurbishment. After several weeks of planning and hard work work I am now very happy to unveil the new-look, refurbished blog that I will be hosting all future articles on! You will also notice that my fansite personality name has changed ever so slightly. Gone is NI DLP Geek and in is The DLP Geek

Why the name change? There are a few reasons, really. My blog, Twitter and general online presence has always been a personal one. One where I give my own opinions, ideas and commentary on the place we all love more than anywhere, Disneyland Paris. Everything I do I have always strived to do in my own certain style and identity. This new name helps emphasise that identity and the personality behind the tweets, the articles and the photos. Additionally, I was well aware the difficulty some had in deciphering “nidlpgeek” at first glance, as well as confusion I was from the Netherlands. Hopefully this will quash all that for good!

Rest assured, all content you know from me will remain here and nothing is going away. All previous articles are still here in their original, unedited form should you ever want to go back through them and I will continue to provide insightful and in-depth analysis, opinion, ideas and history on all things Disneyland Paris. There may even be some exciting new projects along the way!

Of course, this is never a solo effort. I want to hear your thoughts! Are there any things you want to see from The DLP Geek? Is the move from my old blog to here working okay or have I missed any errors? Please feel free to give me any and all feedback either in the comments below, on Twitter or via email at Luke@thedlpgeek.com!

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