The Lion King & Jungle Festival to return 20th June 2020

The Lion King & Jungle Festival will roar back on the scene at Disneyland Paris when it returns this summer from 20th June – 13th September 2020.

Debuting just last year in Disneyland Park, this seasonal celebration takes the warmer, brighter climate of summertime and brings adds colour, music and magic to the beats of the Savannah and Indian jungles. Inspired by the Disney mega hits The Jungle Book and, of course, The Lion King.

A massive production featuring dozens of performers, precise choreography, creative stories and excellent music the season was a runaway hit with fans and guests alike. The season garner so much success it’s return for a second year was confirmed as its inaugural outing was still running. At last however we now have precise dates as to when we can see Timon, King Louie and co. return for more jungle fun.

Rhythms of the Pride Lands is expected to return for Lion King & Jungle Festival in 2020
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The Lion King & Jungle Festival really is a park wide celebration that sees fun and life brought into several areas of Disneyland Park. The still new Frontierland Theater plays host to (as of yet only production) Rhythms of the Pride Lands. This expansive, musically driven interpretation of The Lion King takes inspiration from previous adaptations to create a fun and impressive show both with unique and familiar vibes.

Just outside in Critter Coral guests can meet up with the Djembe Academy to listen to and maybe even join in on some traditional African Djembe music. Timon and his good pal Pumbaa also brought some carefree dancing to Adventureland with Timon’s MataDance that really is hard to miss.

The main highlight of The Lion King & Jungle Festival though is easily the parade and show hybrid The Jungle Book Jive. This magnificent piece of entertainment is a crowning example of what Disneyland Paris achieve and something every fan needs to see for themselves. From the creative costumes and diverse performers to the rich cultural celebrations and simply fantastic music, Jungle Book Jive is a show worthy of a trip to the season all on its own. It really is that good.

The Jungle Book Jive as part of The Lion King & Jungle Festival

All of these shows and entertainment are expected to return for this year’s version of the season. The exclusive line of snacks, treats and merchandise will likely also return, hopefully with some new additions too.

The season will cap off what is a busy start of the year for Disneyland Paris. While Frozen Celebration and Legends of Force are currently underway in the resort, March will see the return of the Avengers and co in Marvel Season of Super Heroes. It will shortly follow the next Annual Pass exclusive night, Disneyland Park Adventures, themed to the streetmosphere and attractions of the park.

Closing off the first half of the year, and just in time for this very season, will be the opening of Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. Reservations of which are now available for guests to book during and beyond its opening of 15th June.

The Lion King & Jungle Festival returns to Disneyland Park in Disneyland Paris from 20th June – 13th September 2020.