Phone charging stations installed in Alpha Arcade

Phone charge stations are being added to Alpha Arcade in Disneyland Paris

Phone charging stations and cubes are being installed in Alpha Arcade next to Videopolis in Disneyland Park, offering a battery lifeline for heavy electronics users in the resort.

6 charging cubes have already been added to the former games arcade location, found in the far side of the Videopolis stage and enterable next to Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. 4 additional charging stations are set to be added to the area from 15th October.

As the name suggests these stations and cubes will allow guests to charge up their phone or table providing they have a compatible USB charging cable with them. Wireless charging will also be available for those with compatible devices and all charging means will be completely free to use.

As we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, health and safety measures are of course being adhered to within Arcade Alpha and these stations. Social distancing and the mandatory wearing of face masks, a rule enforced throughout the resort, is still applied here as it the offering of hand sanitiser when entering the exiting. Additionally, stations are regularly cleaned to ensure infection cannot spread between different guests.

Mobile phones and more prominently smartphones have rapidly grown in popularity and user-base in the 28 years of Disneyland Paris’ life, evolving from a luxury item to near necessity of the 21st century. Indeed with the ever advancing technology and sophisticated features of the latest iPhone, Android and other devices most guests their phone is their one stop for finding information via the official app, making reservations or indeed taking photos and video during their holiday.

This reliance on our mobile devices has only become more apparent in the resort with the introduction of Standby Pass in the official Disneyland Paris app. The feature is a temporary alternative to the regular standby queue and hopes to short wait time of participating attractions with selected return times for guests.