The Lion King & Jungle Festival details revealed

The Lion King & Jungle Festival

New details on what to expect for The Lion King & Jungle Festival have been officially revealed.

The new season – as the name suggests – is a celebration on all things Lion King and Jungle Book. A bringing together two of Disney’s biggest animal based properties for a wild, musical festival.

If you love awesome adventures, you’ll roar with delight for The Lion King & Jungle Festival, a vibrant new season at Disneyland® Paris from 30th June to 22nd September 2019*. Pounce to the beat of the Pride Lands and feel the rhythm of an all-swinging, all-dancing habitat, as fresh new shows and immersive experiences add the wildest of twists to The Lion King and The Jungle Book legends. And of course, the likes of Timon & Pumbaa, Baloo and King Louie will bring the fun and even spend some time with you. Hakuna Matata!

*At the Disneyland® Park.

Disneyland Paris official press release

The season is Disneyland Paris’ second to debut during the height of popularity in the highly sought after summer period. Last year saw the likes of Iron Man and Captain America take the coveted spot with Marvel Summer of Super Heroes.

NEW – The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands

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The flagship element to The Lion King & Jungle Festival is without doubt the brand new stage show, Rhythms of the Pride Lands. The debutant performance of the new look Chaparral Theatre, the show promises to bring the iconic Disney musical in a fresh new way.

With the confirmation of acrobats, singers and dancers representing our favourite characters this sounds like a show taking inspiration from both the hit Broadway and West End musical as well as the standout segment from Mickey and the Magician.

NEW – The Jungle Book Jive

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Elsewhere in Disneyland Park (presumably the castle stage) you’ll find the latter side of the Lion King & Jungle Festival with The Jungle Book Jive! Baloo and King Louie will be joined by none other than Mickey Mouse as they explore four “never-before-seen worlds” in this dancing, musical twist of the classic story.

Given the name, along with the genre connections to King Louie, I suspect this will be a show to expect some swinging jazz beats. As a fan of the genre and lover of when it and Disney come together, I’m definitely excited for the prospect of more.

Djemba Joy Village

© Disney

Though not a new addition to Disneyland Paris by any means, the fantastic Djemba Academy will of course be out to bring some African-inspired music from the Hakuna Matamtams.

Given the season at hand, hopefully this means the musical beats and great fun that comes with it will be regular daily feature, perhaps it has some characters interaction too. That said, I don’t know how regular they normally appear so this may already be the case.

NEW – Timon’s “MataDance”

© Disney

Another new show will be coming to Adventureland in the form of Timon’s MataDance  A clear pun on that wonderful phrase, the show will see double act Timon and Pumbaa give choreography lessons on a new Lion King dance.

Bringing more guest interaction is always a great thing, particularly after the runaway success of dance-along shows like Dance Your DuckTales and Make Your Choice. With two of Disney’s biggest character comedians in charge too it’s sure to bring a laugh to guests.

Character meet & greets

Of course, Disneyland Paris isn’t complete without characters, and that shouldn’t be any different during The Lion King & Jungle Festival. You can expect the likes of Rafiki and King Louie to be around to meet and hang out with during the day.

Regular guests may realise that the Jungle and Lion King duos are pretty common to find among your character hunting travels, so I am curious on what will be done to make character meets more special for this festival. Perhaps we will come face to face with Pride Rocks’ undesirable hyenas, or meet the man cub himself, Mowgli?


The Lion King & Jungle Festival officially begins from Sunday 30th June until Sunday 22nd September 2019.

As another new season coming to Disneyland Paris, I for one a most certainly intrigued and excited for The Lion King & Jungle Festival! The addition of three brand new shows can only be seen as a positive move and are sure to all look great against the bright summer backdrop.

There is also plenty to speculate and get excited for when reading up on what’s to come. The promise of something “never-before-seen” with a “new twist” to the story in Jungle Book Jive has me scratching my chin with intrigue. As too the inclusion of Pumbaa for the Adventureland MataDance. I wonder where in the land is best suited for such a show?

The real standout of the season however is definitely the return of the Chaparral Theatre and Rhythm of the Pride Lands. Ever since the show’s announcement nearly a year ago expectations have been high. Comparisons to previous masterpieces (both in and outside of Disneyland Paris) along with the venue’s rich history of quality performances means it has many large hooves to fill. Given the recent form of good or great content coming from DLP entertainment I feel we are in good hands for a great musical.

Many have already questioned The Lion King & Jungle Festival even before the content reveal, weary on an over-reliance on the two IPs and fear of oversaturation. Though not untrue, many look at the regular use of both properties in previous shows and parades feeling that enough is enough. However, now is the best time than ever to capitalise on these brands.

Jon Favreau’s upcoming adaptation of The Lion King will be hitting theatres worldwide just as this season launches. Add to that the massive success of 2016’s The Jungle Book only further cements the 1967 classic as a general audience’s favourite and you have another excellent performance of brand synergy between the Mouse and Disneyland Paris.

Are you excited for The Lion King & Jungle Festival? Does any of the newly announced information interest you into visiting this summer? I’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter!

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