Legends of the Force 2020 to be the final iteration, new details revealed

Legends of the Force Kylo Ren

Legends of the Force – A Celebration of Star Wars will run for the last time this coming January before bowing out for good in March 2020.

The Star Wars driven season predominately takes place within Walt Disney Studios Park during the early Winter months of the year, making use of the shorter days and colder weather for shows and spectaculars.

Coming up to its fourth edition, the 2020 Legends of the Force will be its final one as confirmed during a Disneyland Paris press event previewing the upcoming season.

Much like previous years, the season is expected to have a core focus within the Studios park. Production Courtyard stage will once again play centerpiece to a number of shows including the First Order March and the nighttime spectacular Star Wars: A Galactic Celebration.

Newly announced for the season finale of the celebration is that Kylo Ren, fierce villain and Supreme Leader of the First Order, will be hunting for new recruits in his quest to destroy the Resistance. Should you be in Production Courtyard during the First Order Recruitment then you are likely to come face to face with the Sith leader.

Fan favourite from last year Chewbacca will also return to meet guests during the Legends of the Force celebration. If you’re lucky you may also run into the sequel trilogy’s protagonist Rey, who will be taking some time from her Jedi training for a photo and talk with padawans young and old. It is important to note however Rey may not be present during every meet & greet opportunity, as too the possibility that information and schedules can change.

Legends of the Force 2020
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The return and ultimate send-off of Legends of the Force won’t be the only way to celebrate Star Wars in the new year, of course not. Just as next month sees the end of another epic saga from the Galaxy, far far away with The Rise of Skywalker, Star Tours will be welcome another new location straight from the big screen adventure. Guests will be able to discover the oceanic moon of Kef Bir when routes begin from 20th December 2019.

As for the future, Star Wars and Disneyland Paris fans will need to remain patient and trust in the Force until more news awakens. There has as of yet been no updated information on the confirmed Star Wars land as part of the €2 billion Walt Disney Studios Park expansion. For the time being at least attention has been focused on imminent arrival of Avengers Campus along with the dedicated Frozen land.

Avengers Campus, along with its brand new interactive Spider-Man attraction, is expected to open at once in 2021. It was also recently announced that the impressive lake set to become the new heart of Walt Disney Studios Park will be complete by 2022. With this in mind it is expected the Star Wars part of the project will be the last to be complete, coming sometime after the lake and Frozen area has opened. This would indeed explain the lack of communication so far.

Legends of the Force – A Celebration of Star Wars will run for the last time from Saturday 11th January 2020 – Sunday 15th March 2020.