Le Rendez-vous Gourmand 2019 opens in Walt Disney Studios Park

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand returns to Walt Disney Studios Park to bring a taste of European cuisine from 10th July – 13th October 2019.

Now in its third iteration, the summer food festival sees the return of the scarlet chalets throughout Hollywood Boulevard and Place des Rémy featuring a variety of food, wine and sweet treats from several countries of Europe and French regions.

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand poster 2019

Brand new for Le Rendez-vous Gourmand 2019 is the addition of a Greek chatlet bringing a selection of traditional delights from the cultured country. Guests can feast upon a signature Moussaka or try out the nation’s favourite gyros.

Also new for this year is the inclusion of a chatlet fully dedicated to classic French éclairs and a wine & cheese counter to truly live the sophisticated French lifestyle in the gorgeous Ratatouille mini-land.

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand map 2019

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand has been a steady success at Disneyland Paris since its introduction in 2017. The modest but unintrusive chalets fit really well into the two areas of the Studios and help bring some more attention into the two most beautiful areas of the park. Add to this the tables, parasols and live music that joins the festival and you have an ideal location to relax, socialise with friends and enjoy some delicious food on a lovely summer afternoon.

Rendez-vous Gourmand Crepe

The positive critical reception of the event has even a Winter variant appear. Last year saw the debut of L’Hiver Gourmand throughout the Christmas period and into March. Much like the summer iteration this version brought the gorgeous tastes, smells and atmosphere to Hollywood Boulevard and Place des Rémy.

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand 2019 menus


Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Bretagne

Fish soup (€5.00)

Ham, cheese & mushrooms crepe (€7.00)

Goats’ cheese, honey, nuts & rocket crepe (€7.00)

Crepe with sugar (€4.00)

Crepe with Nutella or jam (€5.00)

Crepe with salted caramel (€5.00)

Buttery flaky pastry (€5.00)

20cl Le Brun Cider, Dry / Sweet / Rosé (€3.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)


Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Savoie

Raclette cheese & cured ham sandwich (€6.00)

Reblochon cheese tartiflette (€6.00)

Sausage cone (€4.00)

Blueberry fromage blanc (€5.00)

Walnut tart (€6.00)

12cl White wine (€4.00)

12cl Red wine (€4.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)

Les Antilles

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Les Antilles

Caribbean chicken Colombo (€6.00)

Cod fritters (€6.00)

Creole black pudding (€6.00)

Coconut flan (€5.00)

Pineapple cake (€5.00)

Fresh pineapple (€4.00)

Coconut (€4.00)

20cl Mango nectar (€4.00)

20cl Guava nectar (€4.00)

20cl Passion fruit nectar (€4.00)

20cl Coconut water (€4.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)


Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Alsace

Sauerkraut (€6.00)

Onion tart (€5.00)

Plain pretzel (€4.00)

Mirabelle plum tart (€5.00)

Kugelhopf (€5.00)

12cl White wine (€6.00)

12cl Red wine (€5.00)

27.5cl Beer (€5.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)

NEW – Le Bar á Vin

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Le Bar a Vin

Sausage cone (€4.00)

Cured ham cone (€5.00)

Cantal cheese cone (€5.00)

12cl Champagne (€10.00)

12cl White wine (€6.00)

12cl Red wine (€6.00)

12cl Rose wine (€6.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)

NEW – Éclair & Gourmandise

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Eclair & Gourmandise

Chocolate eclair (€5.00)

Pistachio & Rasoberry eclair (€5.00)

“Religieuse” style eclair (€5.00)

Lemon eclair (€5.00)

Fruit (€5.00)

20cl Freshly squeezed orange juice (€4.00)

Espresso (€3.00)

Hot chocolate (€4.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)


Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Belgium

Fresh fries (€4.00)

Frikandel sausage with fresh fries (€7.00)

Prawn and cheese croquettes (€5.00)

Waffle from Liege with sugar (€4.00)

Waffle from Liege with Nutella or jam (€5.00)

Waffle from Liege with salted caramel (€5.00)

Sugar tart (€5.00)

25cl Jupiler Beer (€5.00)

33cl Belvo (€6.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)

NEW – Greece

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Greece

Gyros (€6.00)

Moussaka (€6.00)

Greek salad (€5.00)

Pastries (€5.00)

Grapes (€3.00)

12cl White wine (€5.00)

12cl Red wine (€5.00)

33cl Beer (€5.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)


Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Italy

Slice of Pizza (€6.00)

Cherry tomatoes & mozzarella (€5.00)

Tiramisu (€6.00)

Panna Cotta, strawberry coulis (€6.00)

12cl White wine (€4.00)

12cl Red wine (€4.00)

12cl Sparkling wine (€4.00)

Espresso (€3.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)


Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Spain

Paëlla (€6.00)

Gazpacho (€4.00)

Tortilla de patatas (€5.00)

Catalan cream dessert (€4.00)

Plain churros (€5.00)

Nutella churros (€6.00)

12cl Red sangria (€4.00)

12cl White sangria (€4.00)

12cl White wine (€4.00)

12cl Red wine (€4.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)

Vegan Kitchen

Le Rendez-vous Gourmand Vegan Kitchen

Falafels with a herb sauce (€5.00)

Buddha bowl (€5.00)

Indian dish with pink lentils & Indian spices (€6.00)

Chia seeds tapioca with raspberries (€5.00)

Fresh fruit salad (€5.00)

Fresh melon (€4.00)

12cl White wine (€5.00)

12cl Red wine (€5.00)

12cl Rose wine (€5.00)

20cl Iced tea (€3.00)

20cl Pomegranate juice (€4.00)

20cl Freshly squeezed orange juice (€4.00)

50cl Vittel mineral water (€4.00)

Le Rendez-vous Gourmands 2019 begins Wednesday 10th July until Sunday 13th October at Walt Disney Studios Park.