International Women’s Day 2020 celebrated at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris celebrates equality and women everywhere for International Women’s Day 2020 with surprises throughout Disneyland Park.

An annual celebration seen all over the globe, International Women’s Day is dedicated to women everywhere and their achievements, culture, lives and more as we raise awareness to end discrimination and bias.

Starting out the day of celebration guests were welcomed to Fantasia Gardens with the surprise of Minnie Mouse as the face of the entrance planter. The beautiful location just in front of Disneyland Hotel is of course typically reserved for the Disney mascot Mickey.

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As guests young and old ventured further to begin their day in the magic they received the free gift of a International Women’s Day 2020 badge. Depicted the iconic sisters Anna & Elsa of Frozen II, the badge has a beautiful purple finish and ‘IWD’ logo, immortalising the occasion and the magical place those lucky enough to get a badge where.

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Though not strictly tied to the IWD2020 celebrations, Disneyland Park is of course home to a number of great female leads and characters, many of which were meeting guests this morning. Greeting guests by Main Street Station was Daisy Duck while Minnie celebrated the day in Thunder Mesa donning her new cowgirl outfit.

Elsewhere in the world of Disney, Disney Parks Blog Instagram presented a special message from the park ambassadors throughout the globe for Internation Women’s Day 2020. This of course included Paris’ very own Joana and Giona.

Finally to see out the evening one last surprise was in-store for guests. Just as other festivals like St David’s Day just 24 hours prior, Disney Illuminations was treated to a special pre-show this time in celebration of iconic female Disney characters.

This fantastic projection and light based show sees clips of iconic leading ladies from Disney stories including Rapunzel, Pocahontas, Tiana, Moana, Cinderella and more. All of this accompanied to the inspirational song “Legendary” by the Disney Channels Stars.

A big thank you to DLP Report for once again providing excellent coverage and photos/video of the latest goings on at Disneyland Paris.

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