Hotel Sequoia Lodge to undergo renovation to facade

Hotel Sequoia Lodge will receive a major renovation of its exterior facade, starting from 17th February and lasting two years.

One of the three hotels populated around Lake Disney, Hotel Sequoia Lodge is often a fan favourite for its location, warm theming and mid-range pricing. Nothing is expected to change thematically as part of the renovation with the mountain lodge, Northern California theme remaining intact.

Part of the exterior of Hotel Sequoia Lodge
© Disney

This major refurbishment will be conducted in stages taking gradual parts of a hotel at a time to refreshed and spruce up before moving onto the next. Despite this work the hotel and all amenities will remain open and welcome guests all throughout the renovation period. To ensure a minimum amount of disruption work will only be conducted during the day.

The planned work on Hotel Sequoia Lodge is likely phase 2 in the ambitious hotels renovation plan underway by Disneyland Paris to bring all on-site accommodation up to the modern age and ensure the best of quality and guest experience.

Some time ago saw the first segment of Sequoia Lodge’s refurbishment when guest rooms were renovated and freshened up with added Disney character touches in the form of Bambi. Though one of the first to receive these new look rooms similar refreshes have been seen in all other on-site locations with the exception of Disneyland Hotel, which will be the last to receive these updates.

The refurbished rooms at Hotel Sequoia Lodge
© Disney

Work has already been completed on the facade of Hotel Newport Bay Club several years ago with operations to completely renovate Sequoia’s neighbour into Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel moving ahead for its 15th June reopening. As part of that exercise its facade is also being entirely refurbished and repainted.

Boasting over 1000 rooms along with two restaurants, a bar, lounge and swimming pool, Disney’s Hotel Sequoia Lodge is certainly one of the larger places of rest in the DLP portfolio. As such this refurbishment is expected to take over two years with work set to finish for Summer 2022.

The renovation work will begin on the hotel from Monday 17th February 2020. Best sure to follow me over on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest on the renovation and the latest news on Disneyland Paris!