Guest experience enhancements at Disneyland Paris

At Disneyland Paris, guest experience has always taken as a been priority and something the resort strives to be the very best at. Be that the minute details hidden away in our favourite attractions, the convenience of having gorgeously themed hotels just a short stroll from the parks or even a guest’s daily interactions with Cast Members. The care of guests will always be the number 1 aim of the resort, ensuring their time is a safe, convenient, immersive and fun one.

We are often quick to jump on the offensive if things go wrong. I know I have before, and will continue to, signal out when something within the park isn’t up to the standard we guests, fans and Disney themselves would expect. For every problem we may have or imperfection there is always a tremendous amount of hard work going on to keep our favourite resort the best it possibly can be, and that I feel deserves recognition.

This summer Disneyland Paris are engaging in a number of projects all focused around improving the guest experience, be that for first time visitors to the magic or seasoned fans back for another day (or days) of fun.

Park entrance improvements underway

Disneyland Paris entrance
© Disney

For many the park entrance is their first sign that they have arrived in Disneyland Paris. The large blue signage with Mickey atop, be that from the Chessy Gare train station side or in the more recent Disney Village end, it has become a marker in its own right to inform many “I’m home”.

Work is currently underway to greatly improve the two park entrances in order to speed up the sometimes lengthy process of getting through security. This will come mainly in the form of 4 new control lines that is sure to cut down the time waiting before you reach the metal-detectors.

In addition, a new sign will be added to the entrance designed to help indicate to guests where to be within the entrance. This should certainly help with confusion and allow Cast Members to direct guests with more ease.

Guest Parking improvements

Guest experience parking
© Disney

If traveling to Disneyland Paris by car, guest parking is an experience in itself you no doubt will remember during your stay. To bring more clarity and just an added touch of magic, new signs have recently been added for individual rows featuring some famous Disney characters. It should make finding your vehicle at the end of a day that little bit easier if you’ve parked in your favourite’s zone.

Once exiting your car and embarking on that long treadmill to the parks, new information will be provided allowing guests to prepare for and understand the security and bag check process once they’ve reached the end. Of course this should also speed up the entire process, allowing you to safely get into the fun just that little bit sooner.

New turnstiles testing

Walt Disney Studios Park entrance

Originally announced at the InsidEars 1st Anniversary event, new turnstiles are soon to be trialed at Walt Disney Studios Park with the intention of a full installation should they be a success.

The new turnstiles aim to create a much faster and fluid process of transitioning guests to and from the park with tests lasting for the next few months. You will find them on the right-hand side of the Studios’ entrance for now as they are being tested. If these new turnstiles prove successful we can expect a full roll-out coming to both park entrances starting at the end of the year.

Guest Experience Team

Guest experience team
© Disney

If you have been to Disneyland Paris this summer chances are you have come across the new Guest Experience Team Cast Members found at Town Square. Dressed all in blue they are experts in providing guests information and answering any questions they may have.

The Guest Experience Team will mostly come in handy to first time visitors of the parks who may not know exactly where to go for certain attractions or would like some extra help on getting the most of their day. Should you ever need a little assistance don’t hesitate to ask one of these friendly Cast Members!

“Brush & Roll” program

Guest experience brush and roll
© Disney

Seen any painters hard at work within the parks recently? The newly introduced program “Brush & Roll” is an imitative to repaint and rejuvenate frequently used areas of the park.

Disneyland Paris is the number 1 holiday destination in Europe that sees thousands of guests pass through every single day. Over time that makes for some very fast wear and tear to railings, fences and other areas guests come into contact with several times every single day.

These Cast Members are hard at work daily to ensure that everything around the resort is spic and span in a condition to be proud of.

Have you spotted any of these new improvements to guest experience while in Disneyland Paris? Which of the ones on the way will most benefit you? I’m really curious to hear your thoughts so let me know over on Twitter!

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