Everything you need to know about Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel is the latest reinvention of the Disneyland Paris on-site hotels and one more expansive, ambitious and game changing than any that have came before it. The Big Apple inspired theme has been completely re-imagined with center-point being the inclusion of the biggest comic book and superhero franchise in the world, Marvel.

Since its announcement back in 2017 a wide variety of details have been announced all over the web as fans have been slowly drip-fed new details, artwork and concepts on the new look hotel. This is your one-stop shop to find out everything there possibly is to know about Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel before and after it opens its doors to guests and comic book fans of all ages.

Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel

Opening 21st June 2021

Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel exterior
© Disney

Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel was originally announced to open its doors on 15th June 2020. Due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic this opening date was cancelled and missed. The hotel will now officially open its doors on Monday 21st June 2021.

After closing its doors back in January 2019 this marks not only the most extensive refurbishment and rennovation of an existing Disneyland Paris hotel but also the only one to see an entirely new theme added upon it to this extent.

A Celebration of Marvel Art

Art Pieces
© Disney

The biggest addition to this new look Hotel New York is easily the new addition of comic book giants Marvel and their iconic superhero characters. A wealth adventures and memories spanning over 80 years, the hotel is celebration of the art that goes into creating the likes of the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy and more. Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will also be the first Disney hotel in the world themed to the Marvel property.

Expect to see props, storyboards, costumes and then some all around the hotel when you visit. Anyone familiar with the comic books or the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie series should feel right at home here as they spot a whole manner of familiar sights.

The main attraction however will be the artwork on showcase all throughout the hotel. 110 artists from Europe and beyond have been commissioned producing 350 masterpieces inspired by the superhero universe, 50 pieces of which being entirely unique and exclusive to the hotel. Guests will be able to see film illustrations straight from the big screen, recreations of their favourite comic book covers, concept art and original sketches to their favourite stories and even some never before seen pieces exclusive to the hotel.

Rejuvenated Lobby and interior

Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel Lobby
© Disney

Right from entering the hotel, be that from the front entrance or the back via Lake Disney, guests will immediately be able to appreciate the creative work and modern styles implemented in this re-freshening of a favourite hotel.

Taking major inspiration from the Art Deco architecture style the timeless modern classic and sophistication sits right at home with the subtle but tasteful additions of the Marvel super heroes brand. Rather than putting guests into the comic book and movie universe, the hotel acts to compliment the theming and styles brought by the diverse and gifted artists who have created stories and characters for generations.

Full Hotel New York room redesigns

Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel Superior Room
© Disney

What’s a hotel without its rooms? For Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel all guest rooms have been completely redesigned from the ground up to provide an elegant and modern hotel experience right up to date while still complimenting that Marvel feeling found throughout.

In the standard hotel room – known as Superior Rooms – guests will find one or two beds furnished with modern greys, blacks and reds inspired by heroes such as Iron Man and Spider-Man. Sleek lighting with neutral coloured seating help further provide the modern style where Art Deco meets 2019 and beyond.

Each room will also contain a number of Marvel art pieces from concept art and comic book covers to movie scene recreations and original pieces.

Commemorate your favourite heroes on each floor corridor

Marvel Spider-Man artwork
© Disney

One of the most interesting and unique angles to Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel are the room corridors and landings found on each floor. As guests journey from the lift for the (potential) long walk to find their room, they will find a gallery celebration to the likes of Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, Captain Marvel and others.

Each floor will be themed to a single hero, featuring artwork and displays dedicated to that character and their stories.

Feel like Tony Stark in the Empire State Club

Empire State Club Room
© Disney

The premium level of living in Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, the Empire State Club is the equivalent of Newport Bay Club’s Captain’s Club, Sequoia Lodge’s Golden Forest Club and Disneyland Hotel’s Castle Club.

Guests who book a room under the Empire State Club can enjoy a contemporary New York style inspired room with touches of red and modern colours inspired by Iron Man. Club rooms also provides guests with complimentary bathrobes and slippers, a private check-in desk and hotel Fast Pass to use in the parks (one per person, per day).

Empire State Lounge
© Disney

Just like the other premium hotel clubs, Empire State Club guests can also enjoy their own Empire State Lounge. This will be the private access room exclusively for club guests to enjoy breakfast in the morning as well as an afternoon snack during their stay.

Luxurious and classic hotel suites

Avengers Suite Living Room
© Disney

For an even more luxurious experience within the Disney hotel, there are a number of suites that have been entirely renovated and refreshed with the same sophisticated care and detail of elsewhere.

Along with all of the same benefits and perks found within a Superior Room and the Empire State Club, guests staying in one of Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel’s suites will receive VIP Fast Pass for unlimited access to all Fast Pass attractions.

Guests can choose from four different suite types in total, each with their own dedicated theme and unique Marvel touches throughout.

Super Hero Suite

Super Heroes Suite Bedroom
© Disney

Enjoy the advantage of a larger room along with the benefits of Suite Club level in a sophisticated art deco style room complete with exclusive Marvel artwork. Subtle in design, guests staying in the Super Hero Suite will find pieces featuring a whole manner of different superheroes from the comic book giant’s 80 year history.

Spider-Man Suite

Disneyland Paris Hotel New York – Art of Marvel
© Disney

Boasting more room than a Superior Room and living area the Spider-Man suites bring that Art Deco and modern, contemporary New York style with exclusive and one-of-a-king artwork inspired by the amazing, friendly neighbourhood masked hero.

Avengers Suite

Avengers Suite Bedroom
© Disney

The ultimate suite to assemble your friends or family for a heroic holiday. The Avengers Suite features exclusive pieces and furnishings based on Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. The standout piece is certainly the Thor inspired headboard, based on the glorious Asgard skyline.

The Art of Marvel Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite Living Room
© Disney

The crème de la crème of Hotel New York. The Art of Marvel Presidential Suite is the ultimate level of luxury, sophistication and style fit for the King of Wakanda, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., or even a Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.

Consisting of two floors with living areas, bedroom and an elegant grand piano, the President Suite includes exclusive Marvel artwork commissioned specifically for the room. There really is no better way to unwind after a busy day saving the world.

New Restaurants & Bars with superhero nods

Lounge Bar 2
© Disney

One of the major features for a high-end, premium hotel is of course the variety of bars and restaurants on offer. Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel is no exception bringing in a selection of classy, attractive locations to eat and drink all with their own unique Marvel touches.

Guests staying at the hotel will find two restaurants to dine in along with two bars to unwind after a day in Disneyland Paris. Additionally, those staying in the Empire State Club will have exclusive access to the Empire State Lounge for breakfast as well as an afternoon snack.

Manhattan Restaurant

Manhattan Restaurant
© Disney

An elegant and refined table service restaurant featuring a magnificent chandelier inspired by Thor’s Asgardian Palace. The restaurant’s menu will give prominence to authentic flavours, reminiscent of a family-owned Italian trattoria, with fresh and local products.

Downtown Restaurant

Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel Downtown Diner
© Disney

A culinary journey through a cosmopolitan New York where typical American dishes will meet flavours from Chinatown & Little Italy. Guests will even be able to see chefs preparing meals. The restaurant will also offer a selection of Marvel-inspired specialties and its walls will display 90 sketched portraits of Marvel Super Heroes.

Skyline Bar

Skyline Bar
© Disney

An elegant, typical New York Martini bar, offering breath-taking views of the skyline of New York that will hold some heroic surprises. At Skyline Bar, guests can find cocktails as well as a fine selection of wines.

Bleecker Street Lounge

Lounge Bar
© Disney

A Trendy Manhattan loft-style bar serving fresh and organic products like biodynamic wines, bottled beers from craft breweries and more. Definitely the best place to gather with family or friends after a day of adventures in the parks. The bar’s name takes inspiration from Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, home to Doctor Strange and the Sanctum Sanctorum in New York City.

Meet & Greet Marvel characters at the Super Hero Station

Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel Heroic Encounter
© Disney

Guests of Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel will have the opportunity for a heroic encounter as the first Disney hotel to welcome the Marvel characters for meet & greets.

Each morning guests will be able to meet some of their favourite heroes at the special Super Hero Station location. Here will also be where guests can strike a pose in front of several unique photo locations, including exhibits in the Collector’s collection (from Guardians of the Galaxy) and wielding Moljnir, Thor’s mighty hammer.

Other hotel amenities

Metro Pool
© Disney

On top of newly redesigned room and several bars and restaurants, Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel also includes several additional amenities you may expect from staying at an on-site Disney hotel.

Metro Pool: an indoor and outdoor pool complex, complete with a jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and kiddie pool.

Hero Training Zone: fitness centre equipped with machines and sports accessories, as well as various outdoor sports activities for children and adults.

The Jack Kirby Legacy Gallery: an exhibition hall specifically for temporary art pieces, with a permanent exhibit dedicated to the iconic Marvel Comics artist ‘King Kirby’.

New York Boutique: the on-site hotel store which will offer a selection of exclusive Marvel collectible products along with those last minute Disneyland Paris gifts.

Marvel Design Studio: learn how to draw your favourite Marvel heroes in this dedicated kids area, inspired by the workshops where theses famous stories and comic book panels come to life.

Reservations NOW AVAILABLE!

Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel visual

Can’t wait to book your stay? Good news, Disneyland Paris are NOW taking reservations for future stays at Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel!

Future guests are able to reserve their room for next summer and beyond from the official Disneyland Paris website as well as via the booking phoneline.

Do you hope to stay at Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel? What most excites you about this massive, ambitious and unique renovation to the classic Disney hotel? I’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to let me know over on Twitter!