Entrance security tent extension completed

Disneyland Paris’ entrance and security tents by the Chessy Gare train station has been extended, increasing guest capacity by 50%.

No matter how you travel to the resort, all guests will be familiar with the green security tents of some description. This important and necessary procedure guarantees the safety of all guests and Cast Members who enter the two parks, Disney Village and all of the onsite hotels.

Shortly before Disneyland Paris re-opened to the public work began to extend the security tents found on the eastern side of the resort, next to the Chessy Gare train station and older bus stop. The goal of this project was to not only pair the two separated tents together but also add a third, creating one extra long row of tents as opposed to two small ones this side of the resort. Now complete, tents have now increased in the number of queue lines available from 12 to 18.

Unfortunately to achieve this has meant that one of the grass and tree planters found within the resort hub and Fantasia Gardens has been removed and replaced with a more simple red tarmac.

As the resort continues its re-opening process including many vitally important health and safety measures, steps have been taken to ensure the process of passing through the security tents is an efficient and above all else a safe one for both guests and Cast Members.

Social distancing markers have been placed along all rows to ensure guests can queue from a safe distance to one another. Metal barriers are also added, bringing further clarity to queue lines and how to follow them.