Disneyland Paris Run Weekend 2020 cancelled

Disneyland Paris Run Weekend 2020 has been cancelled, with the next runDisney event schedule from Autumn of 2021.

As the European resort remains closed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic a number of special events, parties and seasons have been had to face cancellation. After much speculation from the fan community DLP today confirmed that the 5th annual half marathon event will not take place this year as planned.

This year’s annual runDisney race weekend, originally scheduled for 24th – 27th September, would have been the 5th anniversary of the Run Weekend. With news of its cancellation and announcement of a 2021 run however it is likely this celebratory name and structure will carry over to next Autumn.

The Disneyland Paris Run Weekend 2020 has been cancelled
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Those who had made a package booking for the Disneyland Paris Run Weekend 2020 will now face a choice regarding their September booking. Guests will a booking can either continue their trip as planned but without the Run Weekend segment, so which they will receive a partial refund. Alternatively DLP will also offer guests to cancel packages in full, which guests will receive a full refund for.

Guests will be prompted to confirm their decision via an electronic form no later than Friday 19th June. Any bookings which have not had a form filled in after this date will be treated as a full cancellation with guests automatically refunded. More information can be found on the official Disneyland Paris Run Weekend 2020 website.

The Disneyland Paris Run Weekend will return in Autumn 2021.