Disneyland Paris Cupcakes – a sweet surprise for Mickey

Disneyland Paris Cupcakes

Unless you’ve been under a lengthy internet hiatus or equivalent rock, you probably know this year is the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse. To mark this huge milestone, Disney are coming together from all over the world in what they are calling the World’s Biggest Mouse Party.

Rather boastfully, Disneyland Paris is the first of the Disney Parks resorts to start the festivities. Shortly before October colourful, oversized cupcakes started to appear in every land of Disneyland Park. Each of these giant cupcakes are beautifully loud and fun, feeling at home in their respective areas. However, the real stars of the party aren’t the cupcakes, but their architects.

The 5 Disneyland Paris Cupcake Sisters

During the day, each of these new locations will be joined by the Disneyland Paris Cupcake Sisters. Five talented bakers who have been invited by Minnie to create each of these huge treats as a surprise for the mouse boss. Inspiration has clearly been taken from fan favourite Betty Rose as each of the girls don an equally creative, colourful and thematic outfit to meet guests and even sign autographs.

Guest participation when encountering the food maestros is very much encouraged. During my adventures tracking down the sisters I was invited to sing Happy Birthday on several occasions, ‘pop’ popcorn and even dance the robot. Anyone who meets and poses for a photo with the Disneyland Paris cupcakes receives a gift in the form of a badge – usually from one of their assistants like Mr. Cosmos or Mr. Unicorn. Each badge is beautifully designed with a sketching of their represented Cupcake, along with the hashtag “#SurpriseMickey”.

Disneyland Paris cupcakes badge

Perhaps best of all there is still opportunity to see the Cupcakes Sisters even if you get unlucky with timings. Replacing the Family of Honour from the 25th anniversary is now Mickey’s Anniversary Cupcake Celebration. The pre-parade works essentially the same way as the old one (with a family selected beforehand to ride passenger down the parade route) but with the inclusion of all 5 Disneyland Paris cupcakes leading the way. Accompanying them is the brand new official song of the World’s Biggest Mouse Party. I can promise you now it will stay in your head long after it and your holiday has ended.

This is such a great idea. It may seem a little puzzling at first, Disney aren’t exactly short of characters to use, after all. The energy, colour and sheer fun they bring into the celebration is really something to behold. All of the Cupcake girls are fantastic and bring excitement and joy to their masterpieces. Fun tip: be sure to wear your badges with pride as they love to hear and talk about their sisters.

On the subject of badges, they’re also a neat idea to reward guests for their exploration. Each are really nicely designed and look great together as a set. I can certainly see a lot of families having fun with the lite scavenger hunt, especially on busy days when attractions may not be an option.

Personally I had a tonne of fun going around with my friends meeting all of the Cupcakes – as peculiar as that sentence sounds. It may seem confusing at first having such odd characters being introduced into Disneyland Park, but the effort that has gone into them is something to be admired.

Much like the Pumpkinmen of yesteryear, the Frontierland mayor or Betty Rose of Pirates & Princesses fame, the cupcakes are uniquely Disneyland Paris and add that little bit extra to brighten up the Autumnal and Wintery days that come.

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