Disneyland Hotel renovation announced with room concept art

Concept Art of the new look rooms coming to Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel will be the next on-site accommodation to see a significant renovation with fresh Disney touches and entire rejuvenation, it has been revealed.

The flagship hotel of Disneyland Paris will receive an entire internal makeover, modernising every guest room into the 21st century all while keeping the Victorian architecture and magical charm you expect. Just as other hotels have seen minor ‘Disney touches’ added, the iconic pink hotel fit for royalty will live up to its credentials with subtle theming to Disney Princess classics including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Frozen. Inspirations will be found all throughout the hotel from the grand lobby that welcomes guests to the hallways, rooms and suites. These additions will be found complimenting the exquisite new decor and theming to bring more elegance and luxury while not appearing overbearing.

“At Disneyland Paris, we create enchanting experiences for all ages,” said Sylvie Massara, Design and Show Quality at Walt Disney Imagineering Paris. “The completely refurbished Disneyland Hotel will do just that, immersing guests in a timeless royal atmosphere. Guests will be welcomed with unique refinement as soon as they enter the lobby and will stay in rooms and suites with elegant décor celebrating Disney Princesses and Princes.”

The exterior of the Disneyland Hotel will remain the same when the renovation of the hotel is complete at Disneyland Paris

Along with refreshed rooms and lobby, the hotel will also see re-imagined restaurants and bars along with a larger swimming pool and spa area. The latest in guest accommodation technology will also be implemented throughout the hotel to give guests the highest levels of service and quality when staying at the flagship DLP accommodation.

Work has already begun to renovate the hotel, meaning that it will remain closed when Disneyland Paris re-opens its gates later this year. The next time guests will be able to book and stay in the location will not only be with these new refurbishments complete and ready, but also with the spot boasting and impressive 5-star rating from the French hotel rating system.

“We are proud to welcome a lot of repeat visitors at our iconic hotel, and we want them to be immersed in a 360-degree experience using the power of beloved Disney fairytales, with an array of brave and kind heroines as a central theme.” said Disneyland Hotel General Manager Tomás Feier. “Our loyal guests expect to be enchanted and surprised by their stay each time they visit us, and we take pride in delivering impeccable service to create memorable moments. A full Disneyland Paris experience can truly be achieved only when staying in one of our themed hotels, and we cannot wait to welcome guests to the Disneyland Hotel after its transformation. ”

This is the next in the on-going project to completely modernise and refresh all six of the Disney on-site hotels in Disneyland Paris. Most famously as part of this project has been re-imagining of Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel which recently saw a special video introducing Marvel’s first themed hotel by the MCU’s very own Falcon, Anthony Mackie.

No details on when we can expect Disneyland Hotel to re-open with the new rejuvenation yet, but as always be sure to stay tuned here and over on Twitter for all the latest news as it happens.