CinéMagique return cancelled for new Christmas show

Several months ago it was announced that fan favourite CineMagique was set to reopen in Walt Disney Studios Park for Winter. It has now been revealed that the show’s return has been cancelled.

In it’s place will be an entirely new, interactive show for the Christmas season, set to include a range of Disney characters, live music and famous festive songs.

No explanation has been given as to why CinéMagique has been removed from its December slot. Neither has any information been provided as to whether or not the attraction is set to return at all once Christmas ends on 6th January.

The new show, set to debut inside Studio Theatre in Production Courtyard, promises to be one to immerse guests into the spirit of the holidays through song and the latest technology added to the stage. The old home of CinéMagique received an entire interior rebuild earlier this year for the launch of Marvel Super Heroes United including new projection mapped displays and movable platforms. The attraction closed on 30th September after 4 months plighted with maintenance and effects issues.

With Christmas set to start in Disneyland Paris on 10th November, this adds another seasonal present under the Studios’ tree. This year will see the return of Goofy’s Incredible Christmas from last year, the night time spectacular making use of both the Production Courtyard stage and Tower of Terror as a canvas. The stage will also get a full make-over to suit the winter theme.

Also returning is Mickey’s Big Band, this time hosted in the Animagique Theatre as Mickey and the Magician takes its annual downtime. Interestingly, this means both Studio 2 and 3 will host shows with live bands during the Christmas season.

The yet-to-be-titled Christmas show will be 20 minutes in length with five running each day. Performances will begin on Saturday 24th November until Thursday 6th January.

Got to be honest, I’m very disappointed. Although it was very unlikely that I would have gotten the opportunity to revisit CinéMagique myself, the timing and lack of communication surrounding this announcement is not good and something you expect better from Disneyland Paris.

Rumours have started circulating for a while now that Ciné’s return would not be happening. Leaving it this late to confirm it – three weeks before the planned re-opening – is a massive kick in the teeth for fans of the WDS classic. Those who may have booked entire trips just to jump back into the celebration of cinema are now left in a period far too late to cancel.

The lack of an explanation is not the most welcomed of omissions, either. Although this is purely my own speculation, the lengthy time this story has spun among the rumour mill, add to that the oversaturated description of this new show, I feel CinéMagique’s cancellation is more down to a technical failure rather than creative change of heart. If that be the case then  surely no official announcement should have been made until a return was certain and set in stone? It would have avoided a whole manner of disappointed fans.

Taking the positives from this story, it is good to hear that Studio Theatre will not go empty and continue to be used this Christmas season. The addition of a live band is also something I will regularly welcome especially in Walt Disney Studios Park. Hopefully more light will be shed on this new show before its launch in two weeks time.

This should also help further cement the Studios has a park that truly celebrates Christmas and one you will want to spend more time in. Between this, Big Band and Goofy’s Incredible Christmas DLP’s second gate really is going to town on the season.

Are you excited for another new Christmas show to debut in Walt Disney Studios Park? Are you disappointed that CinéMagique’s returned has been cancelled, possibly for good? I’d  love to hear your thoughts on Twitter!

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