Cars Route 66 Road Trip official logo revealed

The official logo for Cars Route 66 Road Trip has been officially released, just shy of the existing Studio Tram Tour closure in early 2020.

Revealed during the 2019 InsidEars Christmas party, attendees had the opportunity to see this poster displaying the new logo along with the tease of the attraction for 2020.

Cars Route 66 Road Trip logo
© Disney

In this family adventure, visitors of all ages will buckle up for an entertaining road trip on the legendary Route 66 with the heroes of Cars, discovering natural and mechanical wonders.

The attraction will of course be a re-theme of the opening day Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic! after it closes permanently on 6th January. Details are still being kept quiet on what the Disney Pixar re-imagining will contain but previous information along with hints in the new Walt Disney Studios Park map suggest Catestrophy Canyon will stay, with Lighting McQueen making an appearance in the attraction.

The unveiling of this logo and teaser wasn’t the only news to come from the InsidEars party. The night also saw new details revealed for Disney Junior Dream Factory which is set to open in the renovated Production Courtyard building in Spring 2020.

New merchandise lines were also exclusive shown for the first time, including a range of 1992 inspired EuroDisney products. Each of which will be limited to 1,992.

Cars Route 66 Road Trip will open in Walt Disney Studios Park in Summer 2020.