Cars Route 66 named as Studio Tram Tour replacement

Cars Route 66 is the official name of the upcoming retheme of Studio Tram Tour.

Revealed as part of the 2020 Disneyland Paris brochure, a first glimpse of the attraction has also been teased from the view of the updated park map.

Buckle up and join Cars stars Lightning McQueen and Mater for a fun-filled family road trip where you’ll discover natural and mechanical wonders along the legendary Route 66.

Official description of Cars Route 66

News that the Production Courtyard attraction would be changed with Cars additions was first announced back in April. Since then word fell very quiet on the upcoming retheme, so much so some had theorised if the project was cancelled. The release of the latest brochure however seems to have quelled that thought, confirming a summer 2020 opening.

Judging by its representation in the new park map it appears the Tram Tour will likely half in size, with the Reign of Fire segment being removed altogether along with everything on the left side of the tour. This obviously will be to accommodate the future Walt Disney Studios Park expansion which will extend to beyond that of the current attraction’s entrance adding a lake along with dedicated lands to Frozen and Star Wars.

Cars Route 66 on map

Speaking of the entrance, an entirely new one will be constructed for Cars Route 66, loading and unloading guests from the upmost tip of Toon Studio beyond that of Place des Remy. As a result, a new path will be constructed from within Toy Story Playland providing access to the updated attraction. Should the map be accurate, this new path will flow from between RC Racer’s queue and the Barrel of Monkey’s store.

As for the attraction itself, it appears that Catastrophe Canyon will survive the Cars retheming and may be the sole remnant of Studio Tram Tour. How this thrilling segment will alter to suit the family friendly, kid popular Cars franchise is for now a mystery.

The new 2020 map also includes the franchise’s protagonist Lightning McQueen, parked proudly in roughly the same spot as where the Dinotopia set once sat. Though this may hint towards the character’s inclusion in Cars Route 66 it’s worth noting this could merely be a representative choice to identify the attraction as being based on Cars, rather than a literal meaning.

Cars Route 66 is scheduled to open in Walt Disney Studios Park in Summer 2020.