Annual Passes extended up to an additional 5 months

Annual Passes have been automatically extended in length up to 5 months from their initial expiry date, as way of compensation from the resort’s lengthy closure.

Disneyland Paris is set to reopen on 15th July after temporarily pausing operation due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. When reopening the resort will see a wide number of health and safety measures including a limited capacity, social distancing and the mandatory wearing of face masks.

A considerable number of guests who attend the resort are of course Annual Passholders, paying for the opportunity to visit the two parks up to a full 365 days. To reconcile from DLP’s long but very necessary closure, the resort has today automatically updated all currently valid passes as well as APs which expired during the downtime.

Passes have been extended by 5 months from the initial expiry date printed on the physical pass. This means, for example, if you held an Annual Pass which was due to expire on 12th April 2020, you now have up until 12th September 2020 to visit Disneyland Paris and take advantage of all the AP benefits at no additional charge.

Annual Passes have been extended by up to 5 months

From the guests end, nothing else is required to activate these additional months. Your existing, old dated AP will continue to work as normal as the update in information has been done digitally.

The decision to extend Annual Passes by 5 months means that on top of the initial 4 months the resort was closed for being compensated, an additional month has been added by gesture of goodwill. As a result, everyone who held a valid AP by when the resort closed its gates on 14th March will benefit – by the very least – of an extra month’s worth of magic.

Those in possession of an Infinity Annual Pass can find out their new, extended expiry date by logging onto the Infinity AP portal. Simply enter your pass number and surname and you’ll be provided with your updated information. Those with any other pass will unfortunately either need to wait for further communication, or manually calculate their new expiry by adding 5 months on to their original end date.

Guests with valid Annual Passes will be able to return to Disneyland Paris from 15th July, though a reservation will be required. An online registration system is currently under development for AP holders and guests with non-dated tickets to select and reserve their place in the limited capacity parks for the day. This system is expected to go online in early July.