Disneyland Paris Annual Pass price increased detailed

Annual Pass memberships for Disneyland Paris will receive an increase in price from 2nd April 2019.

The year long membership is a staple of every Disney Park granting customers access to both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park for 12 months. There are currently four tiers of memberships which offer didn’t levels of entry days as we’ll as exclusive perks.

This announcement will the two higher end tier pass, Infinity, increase by €50 with Magic Plus Magic Flex costing an extra €40 compared to last year. The lowest tier Annual Pass (AP), known as Discovery, will also go up by an additional €30.

The evolution of the rates of our Annual Pass reflects the tariff consistency that we maintain with our multi-day tickets. Annual Passes are always the most advantageous solution to enjoy our Disney Parks, our new shows and seasons throughout the year. We will also continue to develop our program of events with new Annual Pass Parties centered around our attractions and Disney Characters in the coming weeks.

Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Marketing Team

Relaunched in 2017 to replace the older versions, Disneyland Paris Annual Pass regularly see price increases at the change of the financial year in April. This is the first time the Infinity Pass will be increased from €399. Last year the top line AP received no change.

The past year has seen a number of changes and improvements made to Annual Pass perks, particularly beneficial for Infinity holders. The VIP spot reservations system is now fully digitally via the Disneyland Paris website.

Last year of course also saw the launch of Annual Pass exclusive parties for Infinity – and occasionally Magic Plus – members. Nights themed to the Tower of Terror, Marvel, 25th Anniversary Finale and Mickey 90 Mouse Party have already been held with the next event, Pirates & Princesses – scheduled for less than two weeks time.

Annual Pass prices – 2nd April 2019

Discovery Pass – €179

or €11 per month

Increase of €30 from last year’s price (€149).

Annual Pass Magic Flex

Magic Flex Pass – €259

 or €19 per month

Increase of €40 from last year’s price (€219).

Annual Pass Magic Plus

Magic Plus Pass – €299

or €22 per month

Increase of €40 from last year’s price (€259).

Annual Pass Infinity

Infinity Pass – €449

or €36 per month

Increase of €50 from last year’s price (€399).

For more information, please check out Disney’s official page on Annual Passes. I also recommend DLP Town Square and Stepherella’s guides on APs and their exclusive events.

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