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From a very early age, Disney has always been a part of my life.  I was first taken to Disneyland Paris at the age of 3 – and now 20 years on – it’s fair to say the excitement, joy and passion for Disney and Disneyland Paris still lives in me to this day.  There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about either Disneyland Paris, Disney or how my love for the place and corporation has shaped who I am today.  My passion has spanned my entire life and to the point where one of the first things anyone says when tasked with describing me would be the words Disneyland Paris, Disney or words to that effect.  It’s very fair to say my life would be very different if that trip all the way back in 1997 never happened.  So many future trips that would never have came to light, so many amazing people I would never have met, so many ideas and opinions I have accumulated over the years would never have been formulated.

Outside of the Disney world (no pun intended), my passions and interests all follow a similar theme to that of the magic and wonder of The Walt Disney Company.  I love science fiction, video games, movies and most things that could be classed under the label of “geeky”.  I’m a self proclaimed geek and have been for years, indeed, that is why I’ve adopted the name into my website and Twitter name.  For those asking too, the “NI” comes from Northern Ireland, the province in which I live in.  So technically, my name in full is Northern Ireland Disneyland Paris Geek – but that’s a bit of a mouthful, isn’t it?

On this website is where you’ll find all of my articles relating to either Disneyland Paris, The Walt Disney Company or anything associated with the two such as Lucasfilm, Marvel etc.  I typically post articles ranging in different things such as opinion pieces on a certain topic, reviews of particular goings on within the Disney universe, my own ideas on what I would add, change or tackle a certain thing or aspect belonging to Disney and even some history in something I have personally found interesting enough to share with you all.


Thank you and I hope you enjoy your time here!