2018 – The unmissable year

It’s that time already. 2017 is coming to a close and very soon we’ll be putting up fresh calendars and seeing in 2018. A new year is always seen as an opportunity for something new, be that the promise of more activity, gaining a new hobby or whatever you would like it to be. The term ‘New Year’s Resolution’ is often seen as an opportunity to leave the old junk in the previous year and only keep the positive through to the new one.

Once thing you certainly shouldn’t leave behind however is the love for Disneyland Paris. Last year may have been the year of the 25th Anniversary and saw incredible moments and memories, but I believe 2018could very well be the year to visit.

There’s so much going on and so many things to be excited for, it can be quite easy to get overwhelmed and forget what exactly we have to look forward to in the new year. So, let me take you on a quick journey through the calendar and what we can expect from the Europe’s number 1 holiday destination in 2018. Be sure to bring your lightsaber, tiara, eye patch and cape as it’s going to be an adventure you won’t forget!

25th Anniversary Extended

January – 9th September

2017 may have been the 25th anniversary year of Disneyland Paris, but good news is here to anyone who missed out. As with the success of the 15th and 20th of yesteryear, DLP’s silver celebrations will be extended for the majority of 2018!

That means if you missed out – or just love the blue and silver too much to let go – you still have up until September to see Main Street in its beautiful ceremonious decoration, wish Happy Birthday to Disneyland Paris with Mickey and co., and sing along to the Starlit Princess Waltz. That’s not forgetting the brand new entertainment that came in Disney Illuminations and Stars on Parade.

No details have been announced yet if anything new will come as part of this extended 25th celebration. Given however that the 15th (or should I say, 16th) saw the opening of Tower of Terror and the 20th’s extension year brought upon an updated version of Dreams!, anything is possible.

Season of the Force

13th January – 25th March

With The Last Jedi taking the world by storm and being the movie on everyone’s lips at the end of 2017, what better way to welcome the new year than returning to the Galaxy, far, far away once again. Season of the Force returns for its second year and looks to be better than ever. 2017’s familiarities are to return in the form of Star Wars: A Galaxy Far Far Away on the Walt Disney Studios stage and Captain Phasma is set to take control of Production Courtyard once again in the First Order March.

The big thing to look forward however is the second outing of A Galactic Celebration, the nightly Star Wars projection show on Tower of Terror. In some brilliant unity with the rest of the Lucasfilm universe, brand new scenes inspired by The Last Jedi will be coming to the show, adding another chapter to the saga wide spectacle (and perhaps the best place to see Episode VIII footage while we wait for that home release).

Pirates & Princesses Festival

31st March – 31st May

A brand new season altogether replacing the now two year absent Swing Into Spring, the Pirates and Princesses Festival is as of yet shy on details, but certainly intriguing. Possibly looking to take place exclusively in Disneyland Park, this event as the name suggests will celebrate two core elements that has shaped Disneyland for generations, urging guests to “choose a side” in the process.

If you’re a fan of Cinderella and Rapunzel, or got a soft spot for Captain Hook and Smee, this sounds to be the season for you. Of the few details we currently have, what peaked my attention is that dubbed “Disney Pirate or Princess: Make your choice!” which sounds to be the latest version of the now tried and tested ‘cavalcade’ experience seen successful in past Halloweens, Christmases and Springs. Once more this will also see the debut of the new Princess float, something we expect to then make a permanent residence in Stars on Parade.

National Holidays

Whether you hold national pride or not, one thing we can all agree on is a national holiday can only be improved when Disneyfied! As with every year, 2018 will see a number of European celebrations get DLP recognition including my very own St. Patrick’s Day, Wales’ St. Stephen’s Day and, of course, Bastille Day.

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your Disney holiday, but if you have a trip falling on one of these days you’re sure for a little added something to enjoy.

Marvel Summer of Super Heroes

10th June – 30th September

Disneyland Paris, assemble! It’s been longed awaited and asked for but finally a true, unique and highly anticipated Marvel presence is coming to DLP this summer. As the days get longer and the temperature rises, Marvel fans will descend upon Walt Disney Studios to rub shoulders with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America and Star Lord for a celebration we will never forget.

As with most things, info is still slowly being drip fed to us but we do know the brand new Marvel show replacing CineMagique will be opening to coincide with Marvel Summer of Super Heroes. We’re also likely to meet some of our favourite heroes and dance off with Groot and the gang in a Guardians of the Galaxy dance party. Just make sure Drax isn’t watching!

Disney FanDaze

2nd June

The date for all Disneyland Paris fans to mark on their calendars! The first weekend of June is promising to be a fun filled event dedicated specifically for fans to leave us dazed with fun and unique experiences.

A lot has already been announced from experiences with the DuckTales crew and Max Goof to exclusive merch and food to enjoy. Personally though I am most excited for the very elusive announcement of an Imagineer talk in the Animagique Theatre. As a DLP history nut and lover of any and all trivia of the resort that is an absolute must do for me.

That’s not all we can expect to enjoy on FanDaze’s Inaugural Party (yes, this is intended to be just one of a series of event!). Characters are shaping up to play a very big part of the event, with characters like Bolt, Baymax and Yzma announced to be making appearances. We’ve also been teased of an exclusive, “never before seen together” addition to Mickey’s pals. I’m holding my breath and favourite plush for our mystery couple to be original power team Oswald and Ortensia. Make it happen, DLP!


20th – 23rd September

After all that Christmas turkey, running a half marathon is the last thing on my mind. That said, if you’ve ever wanted to race through an empty Disneyland Paris, meeting all sorts of rare characters along the way then runDisney may be just the event for you!

After the success of runs held the previous two years, DLP were quick to announce the event will become an annual tradition for the September months with their 3rd half marathon weekend. Although I’m not certain, I’m sure you can expect the 5k, 10k and Half Marathon formats to return for all you active fans looking for a truly unique way to traverse the resort.



The majority of the year may be over, but the highlight to many is just beginning as Autumn falls upon Disneyland Paris. Every October the villains, pumpkins and spooks descend upon Disneyland Park for a celebration close to all Happy Haunts big and small.

Of course, no details have been given just yet on what we can expect from 2018’s Halloween season, but we can look at the one just past as inspiration. Given the success of Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang I wouldn’t be surprise to see them return albeit in a more fitting theme. I fully expect the new Frontierland decorations to become a permanent feature, with or without Goofy’s complimenting Skeletoon Party.

Perhaps most exciting however would be the expected return of Mickey’s Halloween Celebration; or the ‘Halloween cavalcade’ fans have lovingly nicknamed it. A sorely missed absentee from the 2017 outing, there should be nothing to stop the unmistakeable beat of Vivre La Vie fill Main Street once again as the 25th Anniversary will have reached a conclusion by then.


November – January 2019

The festive period may be winding down now and the big day is as far away as ever, but it’s never too early to get excited for what’s to come! Much like Halloween we probably won’t receive many news or rumours on 2018’s Christmas season until well into the year. Given how content full and lively this year has been however I think it’s definitely going to be a time to look forward to.

You can expect the classics like the Christmas parade and regular decorations to make a traditional return, the fate of the recently added entertainment over at the Studios however is more of a mystery. Illuminations will be over 18 months old at this stage meaning a “Dreams of Christmas” style overlay of the show is definitely a possibility. As much as I’d love the idea of this to run in tandem with Goofy’s Incredible Christmas, who knows how likely that will be.

New Years Eve

31st December

The New Year hasn’t even begun and we’re already thinking about 2019?! Well, sorta. A big date on the calendar Disneyland Paris or not, December 31st is becoming quite the popular time for fans to celebrate the countdown to midnight in the special, hard ticket event. Afterall, who doesn’t want to welcome in a new year in their favourite place on Earth?

As with many key events towards the end of the year details will be near non-existent at this stage, especially as this year’s hasn’t kicked off at the time of publishing. With the promise of an ‘Incredible’ parade and rare characters to see off 2017 however, who knows what the final night of this very exciting year could bring us? Even a complete clone what comes before would make a very special night for those unlucky enough to attend the first time around.

Are you excited for 2018? Do you have any plans to visit Disneyland Paris during these dates? Maybe you have your own exciting time I haven’t mentioned here? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter!

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    I don’t really get out much to the park anymore but I still love following what’s going on, and 2018 certainly looks like it will be a great year for the resort. Granted, Marvel and Star Wars aren’t really my thing but if they bring well-needed revenue and popularity then I’m all for it! I’ll be interested to hear/see what they will do with the Pirate and Princess Festival because I remember hearing about Pirate and Princess events in WDW or Disneyland a few years ago. As I’ve noticed the parks doing some similar events, I wonder if DLP will be completely individual and do their own activities, or be influenced by the past US celebrations.

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